(ANSWERED) MPH509 Module 4: Trust, Collaboration, and Community-Based Participatory Research


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nnDescribe the influence of trust in community-based participatory research (CBPR).n


  1. What role does race play in influencing relationships and partnerships in CBPR projects?
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  3. What strategies could be employed to strengthen collaborations and improve participation in CBPR projects?
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nHello Professor and classnnOne of the most significant roles played by race in influencing relationships and partnerships in CBPR projects is that it is a basis of conflict due to personal and professional experiences that researchers and members of communities have concerning racial interactions (Devia et al. (2017). For example, African- Americans may feel that they are denied equal opportunities to resources and access to political power, and may have experienced cases of discriminations and thus would not trust a CBPR team with whites only. In tandem, the whites on the CBPR team may (depending on the individuals) deny or ignore such concerns or may have distorted issues or prejudices among the blacks, which ultimately will influence how they??nn