(ANSWERED) MPH509 Module 1: Concepts of Dialogue


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nnModule 1: Concepts of DialoguennWhy is dialogue, as described by Freire, a critical component of CBPR? How might Freire?s concept of dialogue relate to your understanding of self-reflection?n


nHello professor and classnnPaulo Freire identifies the essence of dialogue as?the word, explaining that it is more than just an instrument that makes dialogue possible. He goes on to detail that the two dimensions within each word are reflection and action. These dimensions are in such close interaction that if one is sacrificed the other suffers (Freire, 2000). If a word serves only the purpose of reflection and doesn?t do its part to transform reality through taking action, the dialogue becomes empty idle chatter. On the other hand, if the word strives to take action in the absence of reflection, this makes dialogue impossible and creates unauthentic forms of existence and thought. Relating this back to Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), proper dialogue as defined by Freire??nn