(Answered): Medieval England technology during the 100 years war


(Answered): Medieval England technology during the 100 years war

Warfare technology during the 100 years war Need books as secondary sources that will be up to you and need one primary source MLA Format ( Over the course of the semester, you will design a research project on a topic of your choice concerning medieval English history. You should choose a theme which speaks to your own interests, and we will work on locating sources (both primary and secondary) and refining your topic over the first several weeks of class. Your project will culminate in a 10-12 page (double spaced) research paper in which you display your analytical skills by developing and supporting your own original argument and explaining its significance for our understanding of history. ) Needs to have a main argument of the paper and should be narrowed down to not over the entire war. If you could send me the main argument by Monday morning it would be appreciated.

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