(ANSWERED) HIST405N Week 5 Discussion: Industrialization, Imperialism, and America?s Entry Into WWI


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nHIST405N Week 5 DiscussionnRequired ResourcesnRead/review the following resources for this activity:nnTextbook: Chapter 17 (section 17.4), 18 (section 18.3), 19 (sections 19.1, 19.2), 21 (sections 21.2, 21.4)nLessonnMinimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook)nInitial Post InstructionsnFor the initial post, pick two (2) of the following categories representing minority groups during 1880-1914:nnWomen?s rights activistsnAfrican AmericansnImmigrants from southern and eastern EuropenChild workersnGreat Plain IndiansnThen, address the following for your selections:nnExplain the socio-economic status and challenges of your minority groups at the turn of the century.nHow did the Industrial Revolution affect your chosen minority groups?nAnalyze how the Progressives brought reform to your selected minority groups. Do you find that the Progressives were successful in making government responsive and improve the conditions of your chosen minority group?nFollow-Up PostsnCompare your selections and analysis of selections with those of your peers. If they chose different groups, examine how yours are similar and/or different. If they chose the same groups, build on their posts by providing additional information about the groups that you have not already noted in your own post.nnWriting RequirementsnnMinimum of 3 posts (1 initial & 2 follow-up)nAPA format for in-text citations and list of referencesnGradingnThis activity will be graded using the Discussion Grading Rubric. Please review the following link: