(ANSWERED) HIST310 : Reflective Essay


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Reflective Essay Instructions

nThis assignment is an example of a metacognitive essay.? Metacognition refers to one?s awareness of the how one thinks.? I am asking you to think about your thinking in this essay, to analyze how your thinking processes impact your approach to the material and assignments, and finally how this course may have shaped your thinking about connections between the past and the present.? Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about this essay while you are working on it.n

Address the following in your reflective essay:

nReflecting on Your Learning ? What have you learned about how you learn?:nnLook through the discussions and essays you have completed during this course.? Which assignments were most helpful for your learning?? Which were less helpful?? Which intellectual tasks required of you in this course ? summarizing information, analyzing primary source documents, drawing your own conclusions, taking a position, supporting a position with evidence ? did you find most challenging or difficult?? Why do you think that is?? How do you think your ability to engage in these kinds of intellectual tasks has changed over the course?nnReflecting on History ? What have you learned about history and the connection between the Industrial Revolution, cities, and urban life?:nnIf you were asked to describe European cities before and after industrialization at the beginning of this class and again at the end of the course, how would your descriptions differ?? How has your understanding of the industrial revolution in Europe and its relationship to European cities changed over the course?? In this class, we have focused on the transformation of the physical environment of the European city and its relationship to the development of modern European society and culture.? How has what you have learned about that relationship (between physical space and the society and culture) in this class shaped your perception of the world around you and your view of a contemporary city today?n


nReflection of the CoursennThis course has unquestionably proved to be one of the most challenging and beneficial education courses I have undertaken so far. Challenging in the sense that I struggled with several assignments and discussions because I always risked not completing them in time, but it was beneficial in that I have learnt a lot concerning industrial revolution and its impact on European cities. Against this backdrop, this reflective essay will reflect on my learning and history learnt during the entire course.nnReflecting on my LearningnnOf all the discussions and essays that I have completed during this course, the first essay (Essay assignment 1) and Quiz 1 (Introduction to urban history) were the most helpful to my learning. This is because in the first essay I came to learn how European urban environment was impacted by the industrial revolution. Additionally, this essay taught me that people at the time were aware of the environmental impact of the industrial revolution. These lessons were important to me because I had always wondered how and to what extent the industrial revolution impacted the urban environment. As for quiz 1, this has got to be the most challenging assignment I undertook in this course but also helpful. This is because it involved analyzing 22 images (primary sources) in order to answer questions regarding Paris and Vienna cities. As such, I came to learn how infrastructure such as streets and parks, and buildings such as apartments, and factories were in the way they were and where they were. However???????????