(ANSWERED) HIST310 Quiz 2 : The Industrial Revolution


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  1. How does John Merriman?define the Industrial Revolution?
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nQUESTION 2nnList at least 3?preconditions necessary for the Industrial Revolution in England according to Merriman and the video.? How did each factor contribute to the Industrial Revolution?nnQUESTION 3nnHistorians disagree about whether the Industrial Revolution should be viewed as a rapid or a gradual change.? Based on the reading and video, which interpretation do you agree with and why?? Cite evidence from the reading and/or video to support your view.nnQUESTION 4nnWhy did the Industrial Revolution begin in England rather than in France or Germany according to the assigned materials?nnQUESTION 5nnBased on the assigned materials,?how did the Industrial Revolution change the nature of work and labor conditions?