(ANSWERED) HIST310 Discussion : Board 4 Urban Planning


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In this module we will be addressing the topic of urban planning.? By the end of this module you should know the following:n


  • ?Explain how and why?urban planning changed the landscape of European cities in the nineteenth century.
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  • ?Identify an historical primary source relevant to a specific question.
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  • ?Interpret an historical primary source.
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nDiscussion QuestionnnFor this discussion board find a primary source pertaining to a public park or cemetery created in London or Paris in the nineteenth century.? Include either the source or a link to the source in your post.? Working from this source and the readings explain how urban planning changed the landscape of European cities in the nineteenth century.??Choose a primary source to support your answer.??Include a link to the source and explain in your post how/why this source supports your conclusion.? Post a question to at least one classmate?s post and respond as indicated in the schedule.nnSOLUTIONnnHello class,nnFor this discussion I will use images from the video?Paris in the 19th?century?as the primary source, to explain how urban planning changed European landscape in the 19th?century. To begin with, the video shows the area before the public park, Bois de Boulogne, was built (?Paris in the 19th?century,? 40:15-40:17). After six years of constructing the park, the area was changed from a dense forest to a facility where Parisians would escape from the city?s life to a healthy landscape created for their amusement. Before the construction of this park, there were only four other parks but were not in the eastern and western part of the city. As such it can be argued that such urban planning changed cities? landscape since they would????