(Answered): George Washington’s Response to the Newburgh Conspiracy.


(Answered): George Washington’s Response to the Newburgh Conspiracy.

In a two-page essay (approx 500 words), please (1) summarize and (2) evaluate the following reading: George Washington’s Response to the Newburgh Conspiracy. Click on the links for more information on the Newburgh Conspiracy, here, here, and here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Here is a link to the anonymously authored Newburgh Address. The issue of army pensions is explained in greater detail here. 1) Your summary should make sure to provide the following information: Summary: What type of document is this? Who wrote it (created it? produced it?)? When was created? What is it about? Or, what is the subject of this address? What did the author want their listeners/readers to learn from this document? Would he have been successful? Why do you think so? (2)Your evaluation should address the following questions, and include any other observations or reactions you had to the reading. Evaluate: What do readers today learn from this reading about the issues that concerned the members of the officers of the Continental Army in 1783? That concerned George Washington? About the economic and political conditions of the young nation? For the soldiers as the war was drawing to a close? About the ongoing political or material struggles of those who fought the war? How does it shape what you understand about that era now that you have read it? How does it shape what you think about the present to consider the issues raised by George Washington in 1783? Your response should be presented as a conventional essay. It will require a topic sentence that offers your overview of the value of reading this particular document, a section in which you summarize the document, and a section that includes your evaluation of the document. It is not possible to do this in one or two brief sentences, you will need space to expand on your answer and provide evidence for it in the form of direct quotations from the document itself. You may also make use of the relevant material in your textbook to supply context and a larger understanding of the conditions that might have lead the authors to write what they did in this document.

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