(Answered): Discussion on Material from readings of Week 4 (post)


(Answered): Discussion on Material from readings of Week 4 (post)

When and why did America become involved in the First World War? Do you think it was possible in 1917 for the U.S. to remain neutral in the global conflict? What two major factors swayed Woodrow Wilson’s decision to ask for a war declaration? What did American do to hasten the war’s end? 2. What major factors characterized the “Roaring Twenties?” In other words, what new dynamics made the Twenties “roar?” Why do so many Americans look back on this era as a “golden age,” despite the momentous Crash of 1929? Was there a dark side to the golden era? 3. What were the long-term consequences of the 1924 National Origins Act? How did the forces of nativism and fundamentalism influence this restrictive immigration law? How did this affect our foreign policy in the coming decades? 4. What caused the Crash of 1929? What were the three purposes of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal? Name two successful New Deal programs that are still in effect today. Name one unsuccessful New Deal program and explain why it failed.

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