(Answered): Discussion on Material from readings of Week 1 and Week 2


(Answered): Discussion on Material from readings of Week 1 and Week 2

What was the new Indian reservation policy? Where did it fail and where did it succeed? Describe fully at least three (3) incidents in which Native Americans resisted the Federal forces who were charged with enforcing government policies. 2. What was Jim Crow? How does Jim Crow relate disfranchisement of southern blacks during the 1890s? What measures did whites enact to prevent blacks from voting? How did African-Americans resist? 3. What were the key differences between the Populist Movement of the 1880s and the later Progressives? Were there any similarities between the two groups? Which do you think was the more successful in the long term? 4. Why should a rebellion in Cuba – a Spanish imperial affair – become a cause for war with the United States? How did the Spanish-American War spread to the Philippines? Why did the Philippines theater last longer than Cuba? How did Americans feel about this distant war in the Pacific?

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