ADMN 703 UNH The Marvel Way Restoring a Blue Ocean Case StudyCourse


ADMN 703 UNH The Marvel Way Restoring a Blue Ocean Case StudyCourse

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Marvel’s history depicts one of the greatest turnarounds in business history. The ups and downs of the business demonstrate that failures and successes are not permanent, and conventional approaches to strategy are not always enough to create value innovation. Given that the students in ADMN 703 are sharp and have an affinity for its products, Marvel executives have requested an in-depth analysis of its strategy and strategic decision making from these PC seniors. The deliverable is a 4-5 page essay, together with a max of two pages of exhibits (12 font, double spaced). The objective of the analysis is to understand competitive strategy, particularly the difference between red ocean (competing in an existing market) and blue ocean (creating uncontested new market spaces) strategies. An understanding of the requirements to change is a critical part of the deliverable Key Questions and Requirements for the Executive Summary and Class Discussion 1. What was Marvel’s original strategy in 1939? Describe one evolution of this strategy and the current strategy? 2. What were the most important driving forces in Marvel’s history? How did these affect strategy development? 3. What are the key differences in executing a red ocean and blue ocean strategies? 4. Which one of the five generic competitive strategies discussed in Chapter 5 most closely approximates one of Marvel’s successful competitive approach? Why? 5. What does a SWOT of Marvel look like? Prepare a SWOT. 6. What is the difference between value extraction and value innovation? What is the financial implication of each? Identify examples of each in Marvel’s history? 7. What issues currently confront the company? 8. How did Marvel align its values, people and profits for success in its blue ocean? 9. What clear and specific recommendations would you make to Marvel to sustain/accelerate the company’s growth and financial performance? 10. What are the key lessons learned from Marvel’s history that are most appropriate for strategy development, decision making and execution?b97e7deb_6100_4503_9cb